Options Of Timber Venetian Blinds At Timbershades

Timber venetian blinds are considered an elegant and timeless choice when it comes to choosing the perfect window solution for your home. They offer you a great amount of control when it comes to deciding the amount of light that should enter your home. They are easy to use, functional and extremely stylish too.

Timbershades offers you a variety of materials to choose from for the perfect venetian blinds for your home. The factors that affect the quality and durability of the timber venetians are the kind of timber used and how thick the slats are.

Here are the options available in the category of timber venetian blinds:

* Phoenixwood: This is an imported timber venetian blind with a light, visible grain.

* Country Oak: This is a plantation timber venetian blind and it is available in natural colors.

* Basswood: This blind is a beautiful imported timber venetian blind and it is available in a painted or natural stain.

* Western Red Cedar: This is the traditional timber of timber venetian blinds and many users say that this is a perfect wooden shutter. They have wide blade options to choose from and they come at a great price.